Khind Rice Cooker RC128M

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Ships FromWilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur



Colour Pearl White, Red Alpha

Size 2.8L

Warranty Period10 year on inner pot, 3 year on general

Warranty TypeM. Warranty


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Shariah Compliance Compliant

Product Description

Khind Rice Cooker RC128M

Few can argue that rice is the staple food of the Asian people, and the importance of rice is such that many would even claim that a meal is complete without rice, and that a rice cooker is a must-have electrical appliance in every home. Khind, a leading manufacturer and marketer of affordable home consumer electrical appliances from Malaysia, provides a selection of high quality, easy-to-use, durable and reliable rice cookers to choose from, enabling you to satisfy your need for a bowl or a plate of steaming, fluffy and tasty rice at home, in an easy, convenient and very affordable manner.

- "Smart Switch function"
- With Smart Switch, Anshin Rice Cooker cooks rice to perfection, no rice crust & no wastage of rice.

- Economical & environmentally friendly
- During cooking, just switch to its 'ECO' mode, and the power supply will be automatically cut off when the rice is nearly cooked. The heat energy of the inner pot will continue to cook rice to its perfection.

- Should you need to heat up the rice again, just stir it loose, sprinkle some water on it, keep the Smart Switch at its 'ECO' mode and switch on the cooking switch.

- Saves electricity.

Power : 535-635W
Capacity : 2.8 Litres
Color : Red Alpha

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