【MAOWASH】Refreshing Cat Toothpaste

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Option 1 Toothbrush Set, Toothpaste

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Product Description

│Product Features│
A catnip flavoured Refreshing Cat Toothpaste contains safe and edible ingredients. It has excellent palatability that makes the cat wanting to brush its teeth and it can effectively remove the bad smell of the mouth. Long-term use can help remove dirt and maintain a healthy oral environment. Uniquely added with 1500mg of plant fibres to help to maintain the digestive tract function.

✔ Food grade safe formula
✔ Maintain a healthy oral environment
✔ Effectively removes bad breath
✔ Catnip flavoured, excellent palatability
✔ Natural hairball relief 1500mg

✘ NO preservative ✘ NO Triclosan ✘ No Fluorine ✘ No Xylitol

│Main Ingredients│
Rooibos Tea Extract, Allantoin, Arginine, Catnip Essential Oil, Vitamin E, Wheat Fiber, Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

│How To Use│
(1) Put a blob of toothpaste onto a fingertip toothbrush.
(2) Lightly brush the inner and outer rows of the cat's teeth. Apply & brush more on the area with tartar or inflamed gums.
(3) After brushing the teeth, gently massage the cat's cheeks to allow full absorption of active ingredients.

*Reminder: MAOWASH Refreshing Cat Toothpaste contains no foaming agents, so it is safe for cats to swallow.
Do not rinse after use. It is recommended to avoid eating or drinking water within 30 minutes for the best results.

Brushing once every day to achieve better results.

│Suitable For│
Suitable for cats & dogs of all ages and breeds.

│Place of Origin│
100% Made in Taiwan

│Volume / Validity Period│
75 g / 3 years
◎ Recommended to use it within 6 months after opening.

※ Our Products Are Certified by SGS for Product Safety

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